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The Big Snow Storm

As we were having the Pine Cone Performers board meeting, the rain started falling. It changed quickly from rain to snow.  The singers came in for rehearsal at 3. Just as everyone was warming up voices, someone said we need to cancel the rehearsal and get home!  It was a good call.  The director and at least one other person had to drive back to Sonora.   The rest of us hustled out to our cars and started home.  Since we mostly live in the same area, it was a long line of vehicles moving slowly on the road.

We were almost to the high school when the vehicles in front of me came to a full stop.  I stopped a couple car lengths behind the car in front of me.  I looked down for a moment, looked up in my mirror and saw a SUV coming at me.  Before I could take my foot off the brake to move forward, it hit me – hard!  I was surprised at how much my body was thrown forward and back.

We eventually got to a place where we could pull off the road.  It was one of my fellow singers.  She was very apologetic.  She was in her lowest gear but when she went to brake, she just slid.  I was the only one who got out of a car.  Because of the snow build up on both vehicles, I really couldn’t see if there was any vehicular damage.  Since I knew her, I just said I’d call her later and we could check out the machines when the snow was gone.  I also told her I got a pretty good jolt.  She ended up calling me as soon as she arrived home.  We’ll have to let the insurance people deal with all this later.

Our yard. The branches had been bare before the snow ImageLooks like about three inches at this pointImage

The faithful, old pickup truck:


When I arrived at the house, I was pleased to see my fire had not competely gone out. I was able to revive it fairly easily and its kept me comfy all evening.

Dan called to report he was at Julia’s.  I gave him the weather report for here.  He’ll probably leave later in the day tomorrow to allow the roads to clear before he rides his motorcycle back home.  My hope: they are clear for him.



female, married, in love, beautiful grown daughters, great and large extended family spread all over the US, enjoying my life, my favorite place to be is outside (unless its cold and wet).

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