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Storms Acomin’

Today’s forecast was for rain starting around 10am. I bundled up and rode. I’m getting a pretty good idea of what I’ll need to bring in order to be comfortable for cold weather.

Dan was concerned I might slip on the sand or ice on the roads. Therefore, I was restricted to riding on the taxiways at the airport. I prefer an out and back or loop ride but to keep peace, I agreed. Plus, it was smart.

I still had some beautiful views.

mtn view

This is what’s coming!  taxiway.jpg

Not sure what the temperature was today other than it was in the 40s. Only did 15 miles but that’s better than none at all. Average was 11 mph which I’m attributing to the headwind since this is the flattest place to ride around here and I expected a higher number.

The greatest news today is I met the fund raising goal! This is totally due to my friends and their generosity. I am awed and pleased.

Rain predicted for the rest of the week so I must get the instructions for the trainer and get it set up. sigh





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