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Ski-yes; Bike-no

I did get out to ski. Initially I was thinking maybe I’d just sit inside the lodge as it was cold and windy. In fact, several lifts were not open due to the wind. We had to take a shuttle to get to one of the open lifts. And it was cold. However, as the day went on, the wind died down and, I think, it warmed up a bit. It may have been that the lack of wind made it seem warmer. In any case, I’m glad I didn’t sit insu\ide. Had a fun time. Still trying to improve my skills and took several falls but nothing serious until the last one. By then I was so tired, I almost couldn’t get back up. Good thing Pat didn’t give up on me and leave me in the snow! Such a gentleman – helping me up each time I fell.

Today was supposed to be a bike ride but, again, it was cold. Turned out there was a bit of rain and snow so we cancelled for today but may try braving it tomorrow.

Here are my ski buddies at lunch:

Barbara & Pat                                   Wayne & Tom                          Barbara-Caught!



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