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Rides with Friends and Not

Let’s see, what have I done since the Cinderella?

Well, I went out on a solo ride and it turned out warmer than I thought it would be.  So, as I’m riding up Hwy 120, I decide to stash my jacket and knee warmers in a tree thinking, “I’ll come back this way via bike to add some miles to the day.”  And… that’s what I tried to do until I got a flat.  So, I’m by the side of the road working on changing the tire when someone pulls up.  Turns out it was Eric B. who wanted to know if I needed any help.  I lied and said everything was fine.  He said something that reminded me we were both riding the Primavera the next weekend.  So we made plans to meet there and at least start the ride together.  Eric left and I had to admit, the spare tube wasn’t going to work.  I needed a long stem tube but had a standard length stem on the spare.  Took off the tire, patched the long stem tube I’d taken off earlier and put it all back together.  Decided not to go look for my stash but just get back to the car before I had another flat.  Once I got the car, I drove to where I’d hidden my stuff and got it back.  Lesson learned:  double check the tubes to make sure they’re the right ones for your rims.  Miles: 35

corner of Sims & Red Hills Rds.

Didn’t get out for any further rides but did go to Dan’s daughter’s place to help her box up her stuff as she was getting ready to move.  That took up two days and then it was time for the Primavera.

I didn’t think it was that warm, but apparently these two did:

Eric B. and I did meet at registration and did start riding together.  Very pleasant.  Then we came to the first climb.  I told Eric to go ahead as I knew I’d be much slower than he.  That was the last I saw him that day.  Since I knew the whole route, I knew where the “tough” climbs were. I think I psyched myself out on some of them because I’m much stronger now than I was when I rode them in the past.  Anyway, it was a beautiful day for a ride.  I saw several of my friends either working at rest stops or riding so that made it even better for me.  Miles:  63

After the ride, I went to Lake Elizabeth to meet family for a farewell party for my daughter and son-in-law, Jenn and Eric.  It was a nice relaxed event but I should have taken a nap.  I’m still glad I went.  As I drove home that evening, I stopped to eat and then took a 45 minute nap in the car.  When I woke, it was dark.  I started driving but the lights from the cars coming toward me was really bothering my eyes and they were hard to keep open.  I finally called my sister-in-law as I was going though the town she lives in.  She said to come over.  I spent the night.  So glad she was there!

Then I had an interesting phone call from a friend.  He knew someone who needed a cycling ‘leader’ to ride in Yosemite. That’s all the info he had.  I called the number he gave me and eventually spoke with Liz.  Liz needed someone to lead a family around the Yosemite Valley floor from where they were having a picnic to where they’d be picked up in a car.  I tried to get out of it but Liz sounded desperate.  I’m such a sucker.

I showed up on the appointed day.  Turns out the family had stayed up too late the night before and messed up the day’s schedule.  So, I ended up riding around on my own which is always a pleasure in such an awesome place.  Not a lot of miles, not difficult but very satisfying.  Miles:  17

Then, yesterday I met Wayne S. and we did a 10 mile section before meeting up with Melissa and Holly. This was more challenging because of terrain and because of the other cyclists.  I had to work hard to keep up the pace.  It was good for me.  Some of the roads are in such bad shape, I commented, “If my bike can take this kind of beating, it can take anything.”  I’m not sure why the others laughed at that…  Miles:  29

Today was forecast for rain.  Forecast was right.  Tomorrow is supposed to be dry.








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