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More To Be Done

Things seem to be falling into place but there is more to be done. Some of it has to do with the actual ride but other things keep popping up.  I am slowing down on the training, intentionally. I want to enjoy the ride not have it feel like a job.

Yesterday I was able to borrow a different iPad. Susie and I sat down and set it up just for me. This will make using it on the trip easier as I’m practicing now.

After my electronics lesson, I did get out for a ride.  Decided for a shorter but hillier ride so began at Priest Station Cafe. I’d been considering driving to Moccasin to start from there but the Old Priest Grade was closed.  That helped me make up my mind as it would take longer to drive down the new grade.

When I arrived at my start location, I had no water. I went into the cafe to beg with the promise that I’d be back later and buy lunch. They had pity on me and filled the water bottle.

This ride starts on an undulating road which eventually loses a lot of elevation.  So even though I ended up at a lower elevation, I still had to work to get there. As usual, I stopped for a break in Coulterville.  Ate a bar, used the restroom and then did the climbs on Hwy 49.  At the top of these hills, I’m rewarded with a long, smooth road which takes me past Moccasin.

Right next to Moccasin is a state fish hatchery.  I went there to take a break and refill my water before the five mile ascent back up to the cafe.  Since the old grade was closed, I was concerned about the amount of traffic I’d have to deal with on the climb but it wasn’t too bad. I am pleased with my average of 11.1 for the day.  26 miles

By the way, I did have lunch at the cafe and had Dan meet me there too.  So, they got paid for their kindness.



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