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Trying Out the New Device

My friend, Bonnie, has loaned me a brand new Fire tablet to play with. This is so I can see how it might work for me next summer when I try, once again, to cycle across the country and keep friends apprised of my adventures.

I’m amazed at how light and thin it is. I’m not sure I like the size – 8.5″ x 5″ – too small?  The keyboard is not as easy to use as the iPad I had for use last summer.  Although, one can get used to anything with enough time.

The past couple months have been crazy as we are selling two houses and buying one. Three escrows to deal with at the same time and we really aren’t that savvy on real estate stuff. I feel like we’ve done some things poorly and so have spent more money or not made as much money as we could have if we’d known what we were doing. Dan says this is our last move, really.

November 30 we must be out of our current house. We’ve already moved a lot of our things to the new property (we know the sellers so they’ve given us permission do so).

So my first post using the Fire is done. I think I could get used to it…



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