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Tierra Bella 4-1-2017

From the website for the Tierra Bella:

“100K (62.6 miles, 2853 ft)

With the 100K, you do much of your climbing in the morning as you start with a climb to Gilroy Hot Springs. After a descent down Canada Road, you will pass back north of Gilroy before looping around Uvas and Chesbro Reservoirs. Then a quick return to Gavilan College.”

Here are elevations for all the rides that day.  I did the 100K (62 miles).

Tierra Bella metric graph
Tierra Bella metric graph

I have done this ride and ridden on many of these roads in the past. It was a treat to be able to ride in this area again!  Bonus was the great day.

At one of the rest stops, I sat down to remove leggings and was talking to one of the workers. It came up that I’ll be cycling across the country and raising funds for Bike the US for MS when another man came and sat down. He overheard the conversation and thanked me for raising funds to help find a cure for MS.  Turns out he has MS which, of course, opened up another conversation. Turns out he has already used the brand new drug that is out on the market and has had a positive result.  So inspiring!!

water was so pretty running alongside the road

This was a creek running alongside the road.  I am so enjoying all the water this year.  (big smile)



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