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Mr. Frog’s Wild Ride 4-15-2017

Prediction was for a cold morning so my arrival in Murphys was planned for 8:30ish.  Hoping one more hour would warm the day a bit.  I brought a simple back bag for carrying items as they came off during the day.  That worked well.  After starting the day with several layers of clothing, I ended with all those extra layers in the bag on my back.

I took a couple photos of a pretty valley but took them into the sun so they didn’t turn out.  Wish I could share the beauty.  As I stopped to take the pictures, brain said, “I am so lucky to ride these back roads and see things I’d never see from the main highway. Wish I could share this experience with Dan. He’d like this too.”

I did get one picture of New Melones Reservoir with water!  Again, I’m amazed at the difference from almost empty at the beginning of winter to full today.

2017-04-15 10.01.13
New Melones from Glory Hole Entrance

Although I rode alone, I saw several friends during the day and greeted many other riders along the way.

Sonora Cyclery has been working with me to get the new bike to a comfortable fit.  Yet another stem is on its way.  I was fairly comfortable for most of the ride but could feel the uncomfortable stretch during the last five miles climbing back up Murphys Grade at the end of the day.

The new bicycle is so easy to ride, I find myself going harder and faster. That’s good for preparation for the cross country ride but I think I’m wearing myself out.  When I got home, I pulled into the garage. Usually, I get right out and start unloading the car.  This time, I just sat there and thought, “I’ll just close my eyes for a minute.”  Next thing I know, I’m waking up because I’m uncomfortable and Dan has come downstairs to poke his head out the door to see if I’m ok.  After my nap, I unloaded everything. Back to normal routine.





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