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Not the Primavera

Apr 23,-2017

All the rain we’ve gotten this winter in California has refilled the reservoirs but has also wreaked a lot of havoc.  Not only in the Sierra foothills but also in the hills around the San Francisco bay area.  While we are dealing with total failure of the road leading into Yosemite Valley from Groveland, many of the roads in the hills around my old home town of Fremont have also been damaged because of so much water undermining the roads.

I had been looking forward to cycling the Primavera which is sponsored by the Fremont Freewheelers.  Well…two of the beautiful country roads which have always been a large part of the Primavera were damaged to the point they could not be ridden.  So, the Primavera had to be cancelled this year.   However!!!  The Fremont club decided to offer a revised ride for club members on the day that would have been for the Primavera.  Well, I couldn’t let that opportunity pass me by.

My daughter offered me a place to camp at her condo the night before the “not the Primavera.”  After flying with Dan in the Zenair to the McFarlane Ranch (near Turlock) for a day of looking at everyone else’s planes, visiting with friends, and having a great bbq, I drove to Jessi’s place.  She and I went out to dinner and had a wonderful time together.

In the morning, I was up and off to do the ride.  I did bring layers this time and I did use them – all day!  I thought it was going to warm up but the wind was a cold one so I never did take off the bolero and vest.  It was so great to see my friends all throughout the day.  I felt strong all day and ended the day feeling fine.  I even stopped for a shower at Jess’ place, had a quick meal before heading for the hills, and still made it home without falling asleep at the wheel.  I did have to stop for caffeine about half way home but it worked.

Great weekend!  Oh, and I do like riding in the “flats,” my average jumped from 11mph to 14mph.





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