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I CARE Classic – Part II

Continued from I CARE Classic – Part I

I’ve done this ride in the past but noticed changes in the route. When I asked, I was told “yes, changes have been made,” so it wasn’t poor memory.  Some of the changes made it more challenging.  Bridal Path Road was new.  We have climbs where I live but this one was steeper than what I usually ride.  Then there was the area after the second rest stop…are they trying to kill us!?!

The other condition I noticed was the wind.  Seems like a recurring theme this year.  At least there were times when it was at my back instead of always (seemingly) in my face.  Fighting the wind up Uvas Road, I was looking forward to the next rest stop.  When I reached it, one of the workers said I could take a short cut back by cutting over Bailey Road and just riding up Santa Teresa.  Six miles shorter than following the route sheet.  What? Perfect!  Make up for the six miles I added at the beginning of the day.

The return to “home” was quick once I got onto Santa Teresa. Tail wind blew me back. I almost missed the final turn that got me back to my car as I was enjoying that tail wind!  Turns out the woman who told me the difference would only be six miles was wrong!  I ended up with 85 miles for the day.

When I got my after-ride meal, I was looking for a place to sit. Saw a table with some shade so asked the young man there if I could share his table.  Turns out he, Aldrin, and his friend Ben had done the full hundred miles. Nice guys. We had a good conversation before they moved on.  Then Leslie came and sat with me.  She had also done the full 100 miles.  All of them mentioned how difficult the last portion of the ride was.  Maybe I’m glad I missed it!

This is my last organized ride before I head off to cross the country.  I’m doing well with the fund raising for Bike the US for MS but am greedy…I want more money to help all of us who are dealing with multiple sclerosis!  Here is the link if you’d like to help out: 



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