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Casper to Lusk

The alarm went off at 5:20 this morning. Luggage needed to be put in trailer at 5:50. Quick ‘continental’ breakfast at the motel and on my way.

I’m still not comfortable with the route sheets so am glad for the Lady-in-my-Pocket who gives me directions. I also saw another rider ahead of me. Turned out to be Dale. He was amused when I told him I was glad to find another rider so at least if I got lost, I wouldn’t be alone.

The first half of the ride went by quickly. I stopped in the town of Glenrock to read about the “rock in the glen.” Turns out John C. Fremont camped in the area on his first expedition out west. He was guided by Kit Carson.

Rock in the Glen where John C. Fremont camped

Continuing on, I arrived in Douglas where they have jackalopes and hollyhocks.

Blue jackalope

Hollyhocks are the tall ones, Milkweed in front

Somewhere along the way I was able to latch onto the Bev, Greg, the Stabler brothers, Alan group which had grown to include Hao and Deb. I stayed with them until I dropped off for water at the van. That was the last of that pull for the day. Later I caught up with Hao who had also dropped off. So we rode together to the third rest stop. Then I was on my own but that was OK because the tar snakes were a problem and it was easier to avoid them without also having to deal with other riders.
One of the recommendations today was a truck stop known for their pies. I stopped for the pie but also got to play with a dog that was visiting. The dog’s person was inside the truck stop. As I was preparing to leave, I realized the dog had a stone and was asking me to toss it. So I did and he chased it and brought it back. We played for a bit until I told the dog I had to go. He still followed me as I started riding away but went back when his person came out of the truck stop. Timing was perfect.

When I finally reached Lusk, I had time to clean up before the big Rawhide celebration parade. Fun but short. Lots of horses and horse drawn wagons. I wasn’t prepared when the “Indians” came racing down the street on their horses. So no photos of them.

There was candy thrown to those watching the parade.



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