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Badland Are Not!

Looked out the window this morning. The ground was wet with rain dripping into the puddles. Pulled out knee warmers, arm warmers and vest. After breakfast, it had stopped raining and was already drying out. So, took off the knee warmers and put all the extra gear away before packing it into the trailer.

While it was overcast most of the day, there was no more rain and it helped keep the temperature down.

It didn’t take long before we were at the entrance to Badlands National Park. Just inside the gate, there was a herd of big horn sheep munching by the side of the road. They are obviously used to people because they had no concern for me as I stood there waiting for them to get closer for a photo.

Nikki at entrance to park
Big horn sheep which are really antelope

Not much further and I was wowed! The Badlands need another name like the amazing lands or the awesome lands because that’s what I saw.

First glimpse
244,000 acres of this

At every scenic viewing site, I pulled in and was overwhelmed all over again. I kept thinking, this is it, were done but around the next bend was more!

Many colors laid out in stripes

Besides the amazing geographical features, there are many fossils in the area. There are also lots of hiking trails.

Oreodont fossil representation
How one becomes a fossil
One of the trails to hike.

I spoke with several people who were asking about our cycling event. I also took several photos for people who needed a photographer so they could both be in the picture. Some of them reciprocated so I have a few photos of me too.

Because today was “only” a 57 mile day, the others riders seemed much more relaxed about stopping and taking photos. So I was able to get some shots with friends. And I got to share a table with a large group at Cedar Pass Lodge where there was much eating and merriment along with an update on Steve. He went through a six hour surgery and they put rods in his back. His wife should be at the hospital later today.

Eventually, I was riding alone and the Lady-in-my-Pocket wasn’t speaking up so I missed a turn but ended up at the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site near Philip, South Dakota. It was interesting and brought back memories of the propaganda we were fed about how to protect ourselves against a nuclear attack…hide under your desk! Looking at the information, it was (and is) like children playing king of the hill. I have more missiles so I win. It doesn’t matter that I will destoy half the world and then you’ll finish off the other half.



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