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Penultimate Day

Today was the opposite of yesterday. Beautiful clear skies, comfortable riding temperature, good roads but still lots of hills. It was almost all either up or down not much flat at all. I chose not to beat myself up on the hills today so ended up by myself as I crested many of the climbs. That’s ok, I caught up on the down side…sometimes.

Made it into our last state of the trip – New Hampshire

There is lots of water here. I saw several swamp areas. I also passed by or over several streams. While we are headed east and are east of the continental divide, the water was running the opposite direction from the way I was riding. Although that looked normal to me, I’ve been told all the water east of the divide, goes to the Atlantic Ocean so where was this water headed? There was one stream flowing the other direction and, even though it looked strange, at least it was going the right way considering where I am.

One of the swamps along the way
Meeting house in Francestown

I only missed two turns today. The first one, staff was sitting in the van on the corner and honked at me. Darn, it was such a great downhill too! The second was the turn to get me to the motel. Good thing the Lady in My Pocket was on the ball. She let me know right away that I was off course. In my defense, the street signs are a bit strange here and I did not see one that said Queen City Avenue.

The duck that followed us all summer. He is going to stay with Steve, our rider that was hit and seriously injured by a big rig driver back in So. Dakota.

We had a celebration dinner this evening since the ride ends tomorrow. Each of us received a certificate and our own little duck. It was, of course, bittersweet. We have become a family and no one else will truly understand what we’ve done and how it has affected each of us.

Cake to celebrate “Congratulations On Your Ride Across America”

Tomorrow we dip our wheels in the Atlantic.



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