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A Month of Catching Up

Wow, my last post was September 13! It’s not that I’ve been terribly busy, just haven’t taken the time to write down my thoughts.

Only a couple days after the last posting, I drove to Clovis to spend the night with my ‘Possum friend Michele. We met with three other ‘Possums for dinner: Laraine, Iris and Maria. (I met these four ladies on the Almond Blossom Ride back in February. We’ve met for other rides since then and I always enjoy seeing them again.) The next day we rode on the Tour de Fresno. Laraine couldn’t ride because of hip problems and Maria and Michele did shorter rides but Iris and I did the 74 mile route, pretty flat ride with 15.7 mph average.

The next day, Dan and I flew to Oakdale to pick up his sister to take her out for a birthday breakfast/lunch in Auburn. She had just had to put her dog, Artie, down the day before so we wanted to give her a special birthday treat. Such a nice restaurant at the airport there!

On the 22nd, I met with cycling friends to work on a bike tour for next May. Looking forward to that. Plan is to ride to Tahoe and take the train back. Yes!  It was such a pleasure to see my buddies and to meet a new bike friend.

The next day began the Waves to Wine weekend (a fund raiser for National Multiple Sclerosis Society). I managed the 102 miles on Saturday even though the disk brakes were making strange noises, 12.8 mph average on a hilly ride (6500 feet of climbing). Because of the brakes, I didn’t ride on Sunday. Turns out an adjustment was needed but the real issue seemed to be the wheel wasn’t seated correctly.

Then daughter, son-in-law, and the grandkids came for a weekend visit. Had fun at the beach at our little Pine Mountain Lake. The little ones (21 months and almost four) enjoyed riding around and “driving” the golf cart.

Got to ride with Wayne S. twice the following week. Unusual, as we don’t seem to connect that frequently. Both rides in areas I’m still becoming familiar with so depend on him to get me back to where we started. So far, he’s done a fine job. 😉

Chickens at one of my stopping point while with Wayne

The first Thursday of October, I went to my monthly MS coffee meet. So enjoy the folks who come together. Part of the fun is giving a ride to my neighbor. She and I get some time with just us two on the drive over and back.

Then, that same day, we flew some friends to the Oakland airport so they could catch a commercial flight to Italy. Since we were in the neighborhood, we flew to Hayward and walked to a favorite Vietnamese restaurant for dinner.

On 10/6, I drove to Ione to spend the night with my “cycle across America” friends, Mark and Rose. They put me up for the night then Rose and I met with other “cycle across America” friends Greg and Theresa so we could all ride the Sacramento Century Challenge. This was another flat ride so my average was 15mph for the 101 miles.  How great to get to ride with these guys again!  When Mark’s shoulder is healed, he’ll be with us next time.

Good band. Danced by myself but pulled in a couple other ladies before the song was done.

The following day Brett and Debbie flew in to our little airport and spent the day. Fun to have visitors!

Last Monday (I’m almost caught up), Dan and I took a motorcycle ride to see the fall colors along Hwy 108. We made it all the way to the top of Sonora Pass but didn’t see many deciduous trees. There were patches of mostly the yellow leaves which were pretty but we were hoping to see more trees and more variety of color.

Saw more of these views than fall colors.

When I went to finish unpacking the car on Sunday, I discovered I’d left my cycling shoes in Ione. Doh! So Dan and I took another motorcycle ride on Wednesday to get them.

Ione Post Office.

Friday I managed to get back on the bike. Twenty five hilly miles (2800 feet of climbing) in the neighborhood with a 13.1 mph average. I was very pleased with myself.

Tuolumne River above Rainbow Pool. That’s my shadow in the bottom left corner.

Today we were back in the Mooney for a flight to Modesto airport where they have a pancake breakfast the second Saturday of each month. Met friends, Brett and Debbie, there. After breakfast what’s next? Lunch, of course. The four of us flew (in two planes…not sure why we didn’t all jump in one) to Half Moon Bay for lunch at Barbara’s Fish Trap. The restaurant is famous for the clam chowder so no one ordered that. Almost everything we ordered was deep fried. No need for dinner tonight.

Masts and antennas
Where we were.

When we left home this morning, the temperature was 43 degrees but the air was smooth. When we left Modesto, it was around 66 degrees with smooth air until we got over the hills where it got bumpy. Just before landing in Half Moon Bay, we were bring tossed around in the sky but when we landed, the day was beautiful… I’m guessing 72 degrees with calm winds.  Flying home we still had rough skies over the hills leaving Half Moon Bay. By the time we got to our airport, the skies were calmer and the temperature was pleasant.  Huge variety in one day!



female, married, in love, beautiful grown daughters, great and large extended family spread all over the US, enjoying my life, my favorite place to be is outside (unless its cold and wet).

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