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Fading Away

Last two rides have been solo but I’m ok with that.  I’m at an in-between stage since riding across the country.  I’m much stronger and faster than I was when I left for that ride in June.  I don’t want to lose the strength and speed but fear I will since I won’t be riding miles and miles/hours and hours every day.

Along Old Highway 120
All that’s left of the hanging tree.

My stats from recent rides show that I’m retaining some of the speed/strength but I find I’m having to consciously think about pushing myself.  It is so easy to fall back into old patterns.  Trying to keep up with others is a great motivator…one that I’m missing.  🙁

New play area at Mary Laveroni Park in Groveland
Luckily, no one caught me near the play area!

Wednesday I started out with the intention of heading east.  I got out to where I could see the mountains east of us and also saw SMOKE! It looked pretty dense so I decided maybe heading east wasn’t such a good idea.  Change in route took me through town (Groveland) and then back home.  Got in 26 miles with just under 12 mph average.

It rained overnight on Thursday.  Cleared the air of smoke!

Sunday I challenged myself to ride from home to O’Shaughnessy Dam.  I thought it would be about 60 miles but my buddy, Alan D., said 70.  He was right.  I made it even longer by leaving my water bottle at the dam and having to go back to get it.  Ended up with just over 72 miles.  My average that day was also just under 12 mph.

Entrance to the Hetch Hetchy area of Yosemite National Park
The O’Shaughnessy Dam

This is what I’m concerned about…the average for my ride on the 13th was 13 mph.  Only a few days and I can’t seem to keep up my speed.  These three rides all have similar elevation gains/losses as they are in the same area.

Nice to see Wapama Fall is still running in October 😀


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