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Another Day At Sea

Thursday, June 14

The penultimate day is here. I had another bad night so really felt beat up this morning. In spite of that, I got up and did our laundry. Then Dan and I went to the buffet for breakfast. I wasn’t too interested in eating but did have some granola and a carrot muffin, ok I had two muffins but they were small.

Then we sat on the upper deck and watched the ocean hoping to see whales, dolphins, or some other sea critters. Thought we saw some spouting but didn’t see any animals. Today’s weather was sunny and pleasant. I soon started to fade so left Dan and went to take a nap.

The nap helped. I felt better and we went to our last dinner with our new friends. Several people ordered the baked Alaska and the entire wait staff, cooks, etc did a parade carrying some of the whole dessert on plates with candles.

We’ve become friends with our waiter, Carlos, and his assistant, Herman, too. Goodbyes and hugs.

Jimmy, our room steward, has been so positive and pleasant. Another friend to add to our list.

We have packed and our luggage is waiting in the hall for the staff to take it away for tomorrow’s departure. Hope I sleep well tonight.



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