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Oh Deer!

I caught my first buck this evening and I wasn’t even hunting. As I was going past a neighbors yard, I noticed several deer munching on grass and trees. Then I saw where one of the bucks had rope or twine wrapped around his antlers. Then I saw where it was a very long rope.  So I managed to step on the end of it and wrap it around a metal water faucet/pipe to stop the deer from running away with all that wrapped around his antlers and trailing behind him.

The deer realized he was caught and tried to get loose but then calmed down.

I tried calling our homeowner office but they were closed and didn’t have a number for the safety department as an option. So I called another friend to see if she could call safety for me. Dan was at her house so the two of them came in a golf cart from one side of where the deer was waiting. Bad timing…another couple came up on the other side of the deer in their golf cart. The poor deer was freaking out.

The guy in the other cart pulled out a pocket knife and cut the deer loose. 

It turns out the “rope” was actually the electric deer fence wire from up along the runway. By the time it was all over, the wire was more of a mess around the buck’s antlers and he still had a long tail to pull behind him. Unfortunately there’s nothing more we can do.

If stands stiff in a poor man’s pocket. If there hadn’t been so much going on when Dan arrived, I think just the two of us might have had a chance of cutting the wire a lot shorter and even getting it all untangled from the antlers because it wasn’t all that twisted up until everyone came and scared the poor animal.  Sigh



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