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Vowel Sounds

Thursday, July 26, 2018  Baker City to Bates State Park (Austin Junction)

69.43 miles
11.7 average
5 hrs 53 min riding time

Started at 7:30 this morning. No hard climbs so even though temps are supposed to be high, I decided to stop and smell the roses today.

Enjoyed riding through farmland and sagebrush to start the day.

Today’s scenery

First climb was 7.7 miles with 1,762’ of elevation gain.  Gentle climb with same grade going down the other side.  Wheee!

Entrance to second rest stop.

Second rest stop was at Unity Reservoir State Recreation Area.  Beautiful, shady spot. Went wading in the reservoir to cool my feet.  Aaaah…

Playing in the reservoir. Foot cool down time!

Second climb wasn’t tough but it was hot. Rode through forest but the shade wasn’t on our side of the road.

Rode with Don on and off. We ended up at Austin Café at same time. I had no money with me so he paid for my ice cream. Huckleberry-mmmmm. I did pay him back, really.

Washed cycling clothes by hand. I don’t think they’ll be dry by tomorrow because I arrived too late in day. Uf da!

Beginning to know some of the other riders.  Dan, Mary, Nels and Charlie (female) seem to be a “group.”  Steve and Gordon are buddies.  Phil and Michael worked together which is how they know each other.

From BRNW Oregon 2018:

On the route

  • Dooley Mountain was largely burned by the Cornet Fire of 2016.
  • Once again we’ll be going right past the store/restaurant at Austin Junction – this time at the end of our ride. If they’re open… ice cream!

Things to do/see in Austin Junction

  • OK, there’s not really anything specific to do at Bates State Park – except relax and enjoy.

Culture and entertainment at Bates State Park

Wine, Chocolate and Wild Animal Sex: Actually, these are really two different things, but they do come together to make a theme, don’t they?

  • Wine and Chocolate Social: We’ll have our traditional wine social, but with a twist: we’re adding chocolate to the mix… in a big way. We’ll have handmade chocolates from Alyssa Peterson, certified chocolatier, as well as other chocolate delectables, along with usual array of wine friendly snacks.  (I didn’t partake in the wine or the chocolate-too many people in one space-but did enjoy company of my fellow travelers as we sat outside the melee.)
  • Animal Sex: After dinner, Bend author LeeAnn Kriegh will dig into her wonderfully accessible and interesting book “The Nature of Bend” to show‐and‐tell us some of the more interesting things about love in the wild, for the wild. She’ll have some copies of the book with her, or bring your own and she’ll gladly sign it. (Very entertaining speaker.)


female, married, in love, beautiful grown daughters, great and large extended family spread all over the US, enjoying my life, my favorite place to be is outside (unless its cold and wet).

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