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Acadia National Park

Saturday-Oct 20, 2018

Robilee enjoys cooking. She prepared delicious meals for us and gave us a care package which lasted us a couple more days. Her meals were colorful, tasty and plentiful!

 As we drove from Vermont, through New Hampshire and into Maine, we enjoyed more fall colors. Our route choice was Hwy 89 to Montpelier and then Hwy 2 which took us along the north edge of the White Mountain National Forest.  Stopped at Cold Mountain Café in Bethlehem, NH for lunch.

As we continued into Maine, I was excited to recognize the Penobscot Narrows Bridge as I had ridden across it two years ago and stopped to take the elevator to the top of the Penobscot Narrows Observatory in one of the towers of the bridge. To get to the bridge one must go through Fort Knox State Park and so we did. It was fun to take Dan up to see the views from the observatory. We didn’t wander through the Fort area but I had seen it before so was ok with that.  and

a bit of info about the observatory
the compass rose mentioned above
the Fort on this side of river/Prospect, Maine on the far side of the river
vertigo at the top of the tower

 We took several other roads which, since the plan was to go to Acadia Nat’l Park the next day, took us to Hancock. We stayed at White Birches Motel there. It was time to do laundry but no machines at the motel. The proprietress told us of two places, one near a restaurant. So while the machines were running, we went to Governor’s. Apparently its a local chain. Worked out well.

Sunday-Oct 21, 2018

Made it to Acadia National Park!  When I came for the bike ride two years ago, I arrived a couple days early. I used one of those days to ride through the Park. There is a two-lane, one-way loop which made it nice as I had my own lane and the motorized vehicles could easily pass me. The plan was to ride up Cadillac Mountain inside the park the next day but it was cold and wet so I chose not to ride.

Colors inside Acadia National Park

Acadia flyer front
map of Mount Desert Island including Acadia Nat’l Park

I wanted to share what I had seen with Dan and get to the top of Cadillac Mountain.  We were able to do both. However, May and October are very different times of year. We only got out of our car to quickly jump out, take a photo and get back in where it was warm. Even though it was rainy and cold when I had been here in May, it wasn’t nearly as cold and windy as October.

There were more reds in the trees in this area than we’d seen in Vermont and New Hampshire.

 Since we were so close, we drove through Bar Harbor. I enjoyed revisiting the town where my aborted cross country bike trip began.

Bar Harbor – as cute as I remember it
Bar Harbor – maybe not as friendly as I thought
Bar Harbor’s harbor


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