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Motorcycle or Plane?

Jan 18

OK – I did not get out for a ride because a different opportunity came up. One of our motorcycle friends called and suggested going for a ride. Since the roads were still wet and it was cold, we talked him into coming with us for a plane ride instead. Destination: Half Moon Bay for seafood lunch.

Actual destination: San Carlos for a burger. Turns out the clouds were not going to let us safely get into the Half Moon Bay airport so we made an adjustment. We might have been able to make it if the morning had turned out different. We stopped in Byron for fuel (’cause its cheaper there) but the pump was broken so we had to stop at Tracy for fuel. Turns out the price was the same – doh! Anyway, all that extra stopping made arrival later and the weather had already turned on us.   (If you hover over the photos, you can see the captions)

One of these days we’ll actually get to have lunch at Half Moon Bay with Wayne A.

Jan 19

It rained all morning and into the afternoon. No exercise again today. However, because of yesterday’s adventure, I’ll be going with Wayne to ski on Wednesday! Looking forward to it as its been a few years since I’ve been able to go. Had to dust the skis, boots and poles but at least I found them. I think I’m ready for the morning. Hope I don’t forget anything…like how to ski. Should be FUN!



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