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Cross Training

I have been active. Maybe too active as I, obviously, haven’t posted in the past several days. Oops.

Last week I had the opportunity to go downhill skiing! Haven’t done that in ages so really enjoyed getting out to see if I still could. Took a bit but it came back. Also, one of my new skiing buddies (Pat) was an instructor for 15 years and a competitive ski racer. He gave me some tips on how to improve my skills. Now I can’t wait to go back and work on those. I’m supposed to go tomorrow but my throat is getting scratchy and my head is feeling like something bad is coming. Of course, I’m going to ignore all that tonight and hope for the best in the morning.

Wayne “Augie” – who invited me along to ski  🙂Wayne getting ready for another run

I did get out and ride last week. Managed to get in 31 miles locally which means about 3100’ of elevation gain. Did another ride today. Was supposed to meet a couple other cyclists but we got our wires crossed so didn’t meet up. I used the opportunity to explore some roads I hadn’t ridden before. Found out why on one of them – patches on patches – no wonder everyone avoided that one. Still it was a fun exploration. Only 26 miles after all my goofing around but I’m glad I got out. I also rode over to the SaveMart to get my discounted ski lift ticket. Bonus!

If you put cursor on photos, you can see my ‘titles’

Saw some cycling friends this past weekend that I don’t get to see too often anymore. It was so nice to visit. They were asking lots of questions about the Bike the US for MS trip. Its becoming more ‘real’ the more I share it with people.

We’re supposed to have dry days through Thursday this week so I’m going to take advantage and play outside. Might even snowshoe again on Friday…




female, married, in love, beautiful grown daughters, great and large extended family spread all over the US, enjoying my life, my favorite place to be is outside (unless its cold and wet).

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