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A Good Week

Wow! January is almost over. Just the other day I was thinking I had five months to prepare for Bike the US for MS. Now, I’m down to four.

I have been able to get out and ride this week: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I was supposed to ski on Tuesday but went to bed Monday night with a scratchy throat and didn’t sleep well. Had to call my ski friend and cancel…so sad.

Monday was a solo ride, Wednesday I rode with Bill and Dan T., Thursday it was with Wayne. I’m so tickled to have others that are riding with me!

Monday – 27 miles Since I was alone, I did some exploring. Some of the roads I’ve been on but only when I was on the back of a motorcycle. So, it was an experience to see how much hillier they are when riding my bicycle. I also took the road less traveled and found out why. Patches on patches, dirt, mud, and water across the road AND a steep hill. Well, now I know.

Wednesday – 34 miles This was a ride I’ve been doing fairly often lately with some added miles on Red Hills Road. Starts in Moccasin, goes into Chinese Camp, cuts over to Hwy 49 and then into Jamestown before returning to Moccasin via Jacksonville Road. I saw an unusual critter so stopped to get a picture.

Oh, give me a home…  OK, it’s really a bison.

Thursday – 28 miles Starting again in Moccasin, this time we went up the new Priest Grade, down Priest-Coulterville Road and into Coulterville for a stop at Mary Lou’s Cup of Brew. When I say “down” Priest-Coulteriville, yes, it does lose elevation from the top of the Priest Grade to Coulterville but there are still plenty of hills to climb before you get to go down. After my cup of tea, we finished up at Moccasin via Hwy 49. Saw some alpacas in one of the fields where there are usually bovine. I didn’t stop for a picture.

The next few days are supposed to be wet so I won’t be playing outside. Although I do have a snowshoe date for Monday…



female, married, in love, beautiful grown daughters, great and large extended family spread all over the US, enjoying my life, my favorite place to be is outside (unless its cold and wet).

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