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Two Weeks in February

Feb 19 – solo ride of 16 miles in my neighborhood.

Feb 20 – 66 miles in the flat-to-rolling-hills farm land around Linden. I have done this ride for the past three years. This time I felt GREAT when I finished. Not tired. Didn’t need to stop for a nap on the drive home. Started the ride with friends but Bill and Enzo went on ahead. Karen hasn’t been riding so she made it as far as the lunch stop before getting a lift in the SAG vehicle. I spent the last portion of the ride trying to catch up to Bill and Enzo. Never did but I felt strong!

Check out the route on the Pedaling Paths to Independence website:

playing with Jasmine-3
Jasmine smile
and he's up
Alex also climbs

Took a break from riding to go see family in the SF Bay Area. Got to see the grandkids. Alex is getting big and can run now. It wasn’t that long ago when we were trying to get him to walk. Jasmine is only two months old but she’s smiling.

Another reason for the bay area visit was dental appointments. Dan ended up getting sick so he didn’t go but my teeth are clean and healthy. Because he was feeling so ill, we went home a day early. We got to see his parents but not my girls.

Feb 27 – back on the bike. This time Wayne S. was my cycling buddy. It was a different way of riding familiar roads. We went up Hwy 49 from Moccasin until we reached the top of the climb and then turned around and hauled ass back. We passed on by Moccasin and took the ‘usual’ loop to Jamestown. 44 miles.

Feb 28 – did not want to ride. Overcast, cool, no other buddies. Whine, whine, whine. I did anyway and it was a good ride (they always are). 22 miles



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