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March-ing On

Mar 1 – Another beautiful day (like 2/27) but I was solo again. Decided I wanted distance today. Started at E45 to 120 east, left on Cherry Lake Rd, right to follow ridge of Tuolumne Canyon into Camp Mather. Rode up to Evergreen Lodge for a snack. Reversed route except went back on 120 to Groveland. Dan found me as I was returning from Evergreen and again as I was riding up Merrell. I hitched a ride on Merrell to avoid the nasty hill by our house.  54 miles.

Stopped at Rim of the World and met three young women who flew to SF and are taking a road trip eventually ending in LA. They were impressed with my riding plans for this summer. I enjoyed the brief visit.

I also stopped at our local Stanislaus Nat’l Forest Ranger Station and spoke with two Rangers. One woman said she rides her bike to work from Tuolumne City via Wards Ferry Road. Good for her!!

While at the Ranger Station, I got a map of the Rim Fire audio tour. I was thinking it might make a good bike trip. Turns out it is almost the exact route Greg outlined for us the first time we ever rode together. So, it will be a challenging ride and is now on my bucket list.

Mar 2 – Decided to go easy on myself so started in Moccasin and rode in the “low lands.” No big climbs today. I stopped in Chinese Camp and looked at a couple of historical markers. One I had looked at before. The other was to confirm my suspicion that the Well Fargo Express Co Building is the brick building with the iron doors just off the corner. Also, because it was a recovery day, I stopped several times to take photos. So many wildflowers out already, especially the California Poppies.  Had to ride around the block to get 24 miles. I couldn’t stop at 23.7!

not a yellow line - poppies!

This was a hillside of poppies but I could only take a photo from the top so it kinda looks like a painted line.

Here is the historical landmark in Chinese Camp.

Ferretti Shrine

The Ferretti Shrine is on an old section of Hwy 49. Unless you know where to look, it is hard to find.  Someone put a tractor at the foot of the statue.  More info:



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