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March 8 Diary

Weather report for today was cold but dry. So, I made big plans. Start in Moccasin, take my usual route to Jamestown but then follow Algerine Road, etc to Tuolumne City, retrace part of the route to Twist Road and return to start from there.

I started out from Moccasin and pulled over at the big Don Pedro overlook west of the 120 bridge. The water level is definitely higher in the reservoir. The middle mound in this photo is actually an island today. I’ll keep an eye on it as this will be a good indicator of how much more water we’ve collected when it becomes submerged.

center mound is island-should disappear as water rises

Since I was solo, I took Harvard Mine Road which goes by the stamping mill remains.

As I got closer to Jamestown, I realized I would need more sustenance than I brought with me so decided to stop at Here’s The Scoop for lunch. Had ½ sandwich (chicken salad) and veggie minestrone soup. Not sure if it was my hunger but the soup was especially good. Also tried a vanilla tea – yumm.

When I stepped back outside, noted the drop in temperature and looked at the sky, I started wondering about my long distance plans. Then my phone rang. Dan said the clouds in Groveland looked very menacing. So, based on my own observations and Dan’s comment, I changed my plans and just headed back to Moccasin along the shorter route. Mistake! The dark clouds went away and it warmed up. It didn’t get sunny but it was still comfortable and dry for riding.

So, I stopped on the return route at River Road. I’ve been meaning to stop there since we moved to the area six years ago… There are a couple of monuments I’ve been curious about. Turns out the bridge we’ve been calling the Jacksonville Bridge has another name.

Another indicator of the rising water level in Don Pedro is the old road that had been revealed below the bridge is now under water.

Today: 34 miles



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