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Quick, Fun Trip

No cycling for a few days.  A new friend invited us to a ‘comedy show’ which was actually an ‘improv show.’  I had it on my calendar for Friday but, fortunately, was corrected before Dan and I drove to Fremont on Friday.  It was Saturday…

Anyway, we did get to the SF Bay Area on Saturday.  We were able to meet with some friends who live in Pleasanton at Jim’s Country Style Restaurant in the morning.  Service was unusually slow but that was ok as it gave us more time to visit!

Full tummies and we were off to say ‘hi’ to Dan’s parents in Newark.  Visited with them until it was time to leave for Good Neighbor Chinese Restaurant   in town to meet with our new friend and all of his friends.  Had a meal that reminded me very much of the meals we had when we were in China.  We all sat around a large round table with a lazy susan.  The food started coming out, one dish at a time, and we all took a bit.  We did not choose the food but that didn’t matter.  It was all good.  Last to be served were the oysters – after everyone took what they wanted, there were four left.  Can’t leave them to be tossed so Dan had them wrapped up and we made a quick trip back to his parent’s house so they could enjoy the treat too.

Then we raced off (well, as best we could considering the traffic on 880!) to the Made Up Theatre – – program.  Daughters, Jessica and Jennifer as well as son-in-law Sam were there waiting for us to show up.  There was a magician before the main show, Alan Leeds.  Then the hilarity began!  Jennifer said she laughed to hard she cried.  I know I was laughing to the point I couldn’t catch my breath.  What fun!

This morning we met daughters and s-i-l for breakfast at Country Way.  Time together was too short but then we headed on home.

It stormed in the mountains where we lived while we were gone and it rained in Fremont – off and on – while we were there.  There’s supposed to be another storm moving in tonight and well into tomorrow so I won’t by cycling tomorrow.  Tuesday looks promising.




female, married, in love, beautiful grown daughters, great and large extended family spread all over the US, enjoying my life, my favorite place to be is outside (unless its cold and wet).

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