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Poole Station Road

Driving to Copperopolis had me thinking what a beautiful area. So green. So inviting. I want to live here. Oh, wait. This is only during the winter. In another month or so, it’ll all be dry and brown and hot. Never mind. I’ll just visit.

However, for today, it was perfect for our ride. Wayne and I met and headed up (yes, it truly was up) Hwy 4. The first part of the ride had plenty of shoulder but then that disappeared. We had to ride for about a mile and a half with no shoulder and traffic going by at 55 to 65 mph. Finally! Turned onto Poole Station Road.

I’ve been wanting to ride this road ever since we rode it with the motorcycle group. Some of the road was more chewed up than I expected and some of the climbs were harder than I expected. Just goes to show, you don’t necessarily get the full picture until you do it. On the other hand, some sections of the road were newly paved and wonderful to ride on.

Water was flowing everywhere – even across the road in several places – not a lot, just enough to get the bike dirty. Even so, it was nice to see and hear the water rushing in the creeks since we’ve been in a drought for several years. From what I can determine after searching the internet, we were riding along Bear Creek and Calaveritas Creek.

When we arrived in San Andreas, there was a deli almost right at the corner. After a yummy lunch, we turned around and headed back. Total distance was 37 miles but with plenty of climbing. According to, I was almost 3300 feet of climbing. I got a good workout.



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