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Training Update

I have been remiss in posting.  Since the Poole Station ride, I have put in over 500 miles. I have been having a great time with the training rides, especially those with friends:

3/19 – 55 miles from my little town of Groveland to Evergreen Lodge via Cherry Lake Road.  Lots of climbing ‘cause I live in the Sierra foothills.

3/24 – 34 miles on Willms Road outside of Knight’s Ferry.  I’ve been wondering about this road since we moved to Groveland six years ago. Finally went out and rode it. Good time of year – not too hot, green, wildflowers. Cows and horses too but they’re there year round.

3/25 – 27 miles from Sonora to Priest Station. Dan and I drove into town to meet friends for breakfast. I took the bike so I could ride it back home. The stretch of Hwy 120 between Priest Station and Big Oak Flat is narrow, twisty and steep (did I mention steep?) so I try to avoid that whenever possible. Dan came and picked me up at the Priest Station Café.  He’s a good man.

3/26 – 28 miles with Wayne S. and Brent from Sonora Cyclery. Afternoon ride from the shop into the countryside and back. Helped me get another portion of the area in my brain map.

3/30 – 42 miles Priest Station to Chinese Camp to Jamestown. Came back via Jacksonville Rd. This has become a ride I do often when I’m solo.  I usually stop at Here’s The Scoop for lunch.

3/31- 23 miles with Wayne S. from Moccasin to Coulterville and back via Hwy 49.

That’s enough for now. More tomorrow.





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