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Batteries Can Be A Problem

Tuesday was my trek to town to mail the lithium backup batteries for my trip. Since they are not allowed on the airplane, they have to be mailed.  Well…the PO won’t take them if they are over a certain measurement. Of course, mine were. So, they suggested I go to our local pharmacy where I could send them FedEx or UPS.  

Off I go… The pharmacy folks tried to help but they couldn’t figure it out so suggested I go to either a FedEx or UPS store.

Fortunately, I was already planning to visit my daughters in the SF Bay Area where there are lots of these type of stores.  Yesterday we went to the UPS Store and they just took the batteries without blinking an eye!

I think it cost more to ship those babies than they originally cost.  Had I known, I would have purchased them now and ordered them shipped to Bar Harbor direct from the online store.  Live and learn.  At least I won’t have to worry about shipping to get them home since I won’t by flying home commercially.

One more item off the check list!



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