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First Ride in Maine

I tried to stay awake in order to get my body adjusted to the time difference.  I was watching a documentary about The Pirate (Marco Pantini – pro bicycle racer) which had my attention but I kept nodding off.  Then I realized I was hungry so I went out hunting for a restaurant where I could get some lobstah (as instructed by Sammy).  I tried the lobster and was disappointed.  I found out later, it can be tough and rubbery if you eat it before molting season which hasn’t started quite yet.

Back to my room, finished the documentary and now the time was right to go to sleep.  I slept and woke up around 6ish.  Works for me!

Contacted Alison and we agreed to meet and go for a ride.  I drove into town and got the bike out of the car, put the front wheel on, and got on.  Oops, the shop put it together but didn’t know where to place the saddle.  Felt like I was on a kids bike as the seat was too low.  So, our first stop was the bike shop where they immediately adjusted the saddle and gave us some ideas for a ride in the area.

We rode into Acadia National Park.  Beautiful, beautiful area!  We are on an island so lots of salt water but also lots of lakes inland too.  Kept stopping just to look and take pictures.  (See my Facebook page for those)  Everything is so green, lots of forest, many camping areas and hiking trails.  One nice thing about the loop road is most of it is one way with two lanes (and there really wasn’t much traffic).  Since we got a late start, I was getting hungry so we decided to head back into town for lunch and save the climb up Cadillac Mountain for the next day.

After lunch and getting cleaned up, I went back into town (my motel is about seven miles outside of Bar Harbor).  When we finished up our ride, Alison and I had seen the Bike the US for MS vehicles but no people. When I arrived later, the people who had been in the vehicles were there.  I met Vikki first and then the rest of the group.  It’ll take me a few days to get all the names and faces matched up.

I may have messed up my body clock last night ’cause I stayed up way too late but still woke up around six and couldn’t get back to sleep.  So, I went to the continental breakfast at the motel and now am using their computer for this report.  The wi-fi connection isn’t working too well so glad to have this option.  Don’t know how this’ll work “on the road.”



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