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Three In A Row

Storms are brewing for the next several days so I HAD to get out to ride today. Apparently “two in a row” was a good number. 

When I started, I had no real plan on where to go so thought I’d try some roads I haven’t been on in awhile. Many were inside the Pine Mountain Lake development which is very hilly. I don’t think they worried about keeping the roads on a 6% or less grade when they put them in. Some of the climbs are painful. 

After wandering around for a bit, I headed for Boitano Road because I remember it being a pleasant ride with no traffic. There was no traffic but I had to turn around just after turning onto the road because I wasn’t in the correct gear (that would be my absolute lowest gear). After slogging up the climb, it was a pleasant ride but it was very short.

I kept checking my distance and I didn’t seem to be moving. 

Frustrated with my lack of.progress, I was going end the ride but then decided to go down Clinton. It’s one of the roads the county has forgotten (no maintenance, potholes, and degrading asphalt) but there is only one house and it’s at the end so I enjoy going into the ‘wilderness.’ The pond had water-much better than the dry hole I saw last time I went through there-and there was waterfowl. At least until I got near and they decided to fly away.

I still had less than 15 miles on the odometer so gave up and headed home. When I got to the house, I decided to cycle to the mailbox to pick up today’s mail. Went in the house to get the mailbox key and headed out. Got there and discovered I’d grabbed the wrong key. Back home, back to the mailbox and when all is said and done, I put in 16 miles.

Maybe “three in a row” wasn’t such a good idea this early in my training. Rather than my usual ‘high,’ I’m just tired.



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