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Beneath a Scarlet Sky

May 1, 2017

Dan has had a relapse but he is better than last week.  He’s sleeping a lot, taking vitamin C, eating popsicles and still aching all over. We will both be glad when he’s finally done with this illness!

I was able to get him the audio version of “Beneath a Scarlet Sky” by Mark Sullivan.  I just finished reading it the other day. It is an excellent book based on the true life experiences of Pino Lella who was living in Milan when WWII arrived there.

I left Dan listening to this fascinating story as I went to meet Wayne for a bike ride.  We did what I call my Jamestown loop.  We start in Moccasin which is a company town owned by City and County of San Francisco.  The people who live and work there take care of the Hetch Hetchy water system for SF. There were two new gates in town which, when they start working, will keep out the riff raff (that’d be me and my cycling friends who use their parking lot).  OK, maybe we aren’t the only ones they are trying to monitor.  I heard a rumor over a year ago the parking lot would be fenced and we wouldn’t be allowed in.  Purpose: prevent terrorist acts on the water supply.  What a world we live in.

In spite of the terrorism reminder, we had a good ride.  Wayne and I braved going over the Roberts Memorial bridge which CalTrans is repairing/refurbishing.  It wasn’t bad at all.  I’d do it again even if I were alone.  It was HOT out there today.  So different from this time last week when the temps were in the high 50s/low 60s in the afternoon.

As we were getting close the end of the ride, Wayne commented that he felt guilty.  I asked why and he said we should’ve done something more challenging to help me prepare for the ride across the country. I laughed and told him today was a recovery ride from yesterday’s escapade – don’t feel guilty.  So, we left it at that.



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