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Highway 30

We’ve made it to St. Helens. The day started with heavy fog which lightened by the time we left. I intentionally waited until it got even lighter but that made me the last to leave.

I did not realize Hwy 30 turned left instead of going straight so went about two blocks out of my way. Not bad for a start to the day, right?

Didn’t take long to see sunshine, then fog, then sunshine, then fog as I went up and down the rollers. Eventually it was just sunshine and I had to stop and remove all my layers. Glad I brought my backpack today.

Here are some of the wildflowers I saw. I was able to get the white and purple/white bell flowers today.

The route was: just stay on Hwy 30 from start to finish. It is called “the dirty 30” by the locals because the shoulder is filled with a lot of debris. Even so, there was a shoulder for the most part. We had one long climb where, of course, the shoulder almost disappeared. Bonus for the day was a tailwind that pushed us the last several miles into town.

There were some quiet times on Hwy 30 but there were lots of times where the traffic was almost continuous, loud and close (especially on the aforementioned climb).

During one of the quiet times, I passed by a stand of tall cottonwood trees. Their branches were waving in the wind, little puffs of white were falling from the sky like snowflakes then hack, hack, plu, plu what’s that stuff in my mouth and up my nose?

Later, I was riding and started feeling hungry. I had a bagel in my pocket so pulled over and started munching on it. Then I noticed some red berries. Raspberries! A taste told me they were not raspberries but they were still good. The longer I stood there, the more berries started appearing. They were a good compliment to the bagel. Later my roommate suggested they were probably thimbleberries.

Even though I was the last to leave this morning, I was not the last to arrive. Made me feel good that I could catch up with a few of my fellow riders.

Here is a picture of the bridge at the beginning of this post but in sunshine.



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