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Bike Path Hell

What a day. What a day. Started out with the A,B,C bike check and then we were all free to go. I waited until I was last except for Deanna, today’s sweep. She and I started together but she had to stop after a short distance to help a rider who had a flat. So I was on my own.

The discussion at last night’s “rap” was about the bike paths we would be taking today. Even with all that was said and the route sheet,  I managed to get lost. I did eventually find my way back to the route each time.  The good news is I arrived at the motel in time for a shower before this evening’s “rap” and was in the first group to be bussed to the restaurant for dinner.  The bad news is I’m in the first group that goes to the same restaurant tomorrow morning. I have to have my bags packed and ready to go on the trailer by 5:50AM!

We crossed the St. Johns Bridge today. One lane was for cyclists but I stopped and got on the sidewalk so I could take photos. Then Dirk came by and offered to take my photo. Nice! While standing on the sidewalk, one could feel the vibration of the bridge. It was a little disconcerting. Had to tell myself it wouldn’t collapse to close down the panicky feeling.

We spent a lot of time riding along the Columbia River.

We also went by the Portland Airport.



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One thought on “Bike Path Hell

  1. Love following you along your way. Dan joined us for last night’s walk. Stay safe today and most of all ENJOY!

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