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Rider Down!

Stopping near the bottom of the first descent, I turned to look back at the motel/casino where we spent the night.

We, obviously, were up with great view of the valley and terrain that surrounded us..

As I rode through some of the country, it reminded me of the OTO which then made me think of Grampa and Gramma Shields and Gramma and Grampa Goddard and then Lynn. Much sadness which really surprised me but I let myself feel the sadness and loss.

Deanna and I rode together for a bit but I couldn’t keep up when we started climbing so she rode off ahead. Not long after I met up with Mark and Rose and we rode along together until we saw a rider down ahead of us. There were already lots of riders around trying to help him and call for assistance. Mark is an EMT so he got right in there. Since there was nothing I could do, I rode on. Soon two police vehicles and the ambulance raced by.

Continuing the day’s journey, I looked back to see Mt. Jefferson following me.

This area has its own beauty and I loved going through at a bicycle pace.

Moving on, I was in farming territory. Very different and loved how we finally got off Hwy 26 and onto some farm roads. No traffic! Mt. Jefferson, Three Finger Jack and the Three Sisters were visible through most of the day at one point or another.

I’ve been looking for post offices so I could get some photos to show what towns I’ve been in but they all seem to be off our route. So today I got a picture by the city hall and police station in Madras.

When I arrived at the motel in Prineville (Oregon), these were in the lobby. Aren’t they the cutest?!?  Both were being used as ice chests for soda and water.  The station wagon is actually a pedal car. I remember when my little sister Sue got a pedal car for Christmas and I was not happy when it turned out it wasn’t for me!

The rider who was down has a crushed cheekbone and more than one broken vertebrae. He’s in hospital in Bend and won’t be rejoining the ride. Leaves one sad and concerned with a bad feeling in the pit of the stomach.

Tomorrow is our 115 mile day so I’m getting ready for a good night’s rest before getting up at 4:15 to start the day.



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