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THE Mountains

Today started early with the wake up call coming at 5am. Unfortunately for my roommate, Barb, as her breakfast and trailer load didn’t start until later. She was a Very Good Roommate and helped me haul my luggage to the loading dock.

The day started cool with overcast sky. Layers helped although we started with a long climb which tends to warm one up.

At yesterday’s “rap,” mention was made to look back because some of the views would be stunning. So after doing some of the first hill, I turned back to see where I’d been.

It definitely looked better than where I was heading.

Until I went a little further and there was Mt. Hood!

And just a few minutes later, the cloud at the peak was gone.

However, when we reached the rest stop at the top of our climb, the temperature was still in the high 50s. Being sweaty and then going downhill in the cold is not a good thing. My hands were starting to go numb and I was wishing I’d worn my glove liners. However, not too much further down the road I began to notice it was getting warmer and I survived the first climb of the day on Hwy 26. Then there was another climb but not as long. I began to think of the three bears. We rode over papa bear, mama bear and baby bear. Just when I thought we were done, up popped Goldilocks.

Then I looked back. WOW! Mt. Hood from the other side.

We crossed over the 45th parallel today.

We moved quickly from forests to high desert but could still see the mountains that surrounded us. Mt. Jefferson and the Three Sisters

It was a good day on the bike. Awesome views and fun getting to know more about my riding buddies.

Staying on an Indian reservation in Warm Springs, Oregon tonight. They served an excellent meal this evening. Best one so far. Kah-Nee-Tah is the casino name. They have a golf course for you golfing nuts.

Here are some other photos from the day you might enjoy.



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