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Whoo Hoo!

Today the trip from Boise to Mountain Home was listed at 53.5 miles. However my computer says I went 55.6. I’m guessing the difference can be attributed to a wrong turn just as I got on the bike path. Ann followed me even though she knew what had happened to me last time we were directed onto a bike path.

After we agreed I had made a wrong turn somewhere, we turned back. It turns out I had a choice of right or left as soon as I got on the path. There were no instructions so I chose right-wrong!

Once we headed the correct direction, we caught up with others in our group. Then we all had to walk the bikes through a section which broke up the group. After that I rode with Andy, Bob and Jack for a bit. As we were getting onto the interstate, Andy and I went ahead and decided to buddy up for this portion of the ride. I was glad to have a buddy through there.

With the wind at our backs and the flat route, it didn’t take long to reach the first rest stop. I left the rest stop alone which allowed me to get some photos.

This looks like a gate to a community development but this is all that made it off the drawing board.
The place where worn out construction equipment goes to die.
The view looking on one side of the road.
The view on the other side of the road. Nice mountains looking at this side.

About the time I got my third flat in three days fixed, Phillip, Witt, and Jeanine came by. I’d been riding behind Witt and Phillip a couple days ago when I had my second flat. They didn’t hear me call out so kept going. So Witt cautiously asked if I’d like to ride with them today. Of course!

If it hadn’t been for a couple other riders stopped at this point, I wouldn’t have gotten this photo but they were there and had us stop so we could all get a shot with the very optimistic “Ocean View Lane” street sign.


The last 20ish miles went by quick! I think this is the earliest I’ve gotten in to the motel. The three I’d been riding with at the end of the ride agreed we’d have lunch at the restaurant next door after we checked into our rooms. When I went looking, they were not to be found. So I called Phillip’s number and found they were at the restaurant on the other side of the motel. Witt promised me they were not trying to ditch me and they had a place at their table. So, I went over and joined them for a delicious lunch.

It seems the group as a whole is stoked for tomorrow’s almost 100 mile ride. If we get the tailwind like we had today, it should be an “easy” century.

Visiting while the Ocean View photo op takes place.
We are in cowboy country. These gals are taking a ride.


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