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Still In Idaho

Today was one of the longer days on the bike. The trek from Mountain Home to Twin Falls was 98 miles. I feel strong but tired tonight. After all that cycling, we had to walk another 1.2 miles, round trip, to the restaurant. What?!?  It was a buffet so to make up for ALL the miles, I overate. Not smart.

Look up. What the heck? There’s a semi parked halfway into the road. He’s going nowhere. Couldn’t figure out what happened but was able to get by, then the UPS truck that had been waiting squeezed through the space. Surprised me, I didn’t think it could get through.

How? What?

My riding partners for most of the day were Hao, Roel, and Dirk.

Nikki, Roel, Dirk
Hao having his photo taken by Rose and me.

Had some great scenery along the way.

And some, um, err, interesting stuff…

Just as I entered Hagerman, there was a “point of interest” to honor the mostly Basque men who were the sheepherders of the area.

The artist included the dog too as they were an important part of taking care of the sheep.

We rode through Bliss too. Here’s proof.

When we arrived in Twin Falls, we had to cross the Perrin Bridge. Just a bit scary but as long as I kept focused on my line and not the huge drop to the bottom of the canyon, I was OK.

I rode my bike in the bike lane right on the outer edge of the bridge.

Glad tomorrow is a shorter day.



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