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Lots of Help

Knowing we had a long day today and that we’d probably have the same winds as yesterday, I set my mind to the task of fighting headwinds from the get go. It helped. I started early. The sun was still low on the horizon and we were heading east. This does not make me comfortable because the sun is shining in the eyes of any driver coming up behind me. Once we got out of Burley, the traffic was very light which I appreciated.

As I was solo at this point, I felt free to stop just before our first crossing of the Snake River today to take a photo of the commemorative sign about the ferry that had been run here in the late 1800s.

Montgomery Ferry

Not long after this some cyclists came along so I jumped on for a break from the wind. It is amazing what a help it is to have someone else in front. Although I tried, I couldn’t keep their pace and had to drop off. 

Soon after, we were on Interstate 86. The rest stop was at the rest area provided for drivers. When I pulled in and looked around, I realized I had been here when driving up to Montana one year. Back then I had taken the time to look at the historical information provided. So I didn’t take the time to do it today.

The next section of the ride took us back along the Snake. I did stop for another photo here.

Look to the right of the river in the distance, that’s the Interstate along the Snake River

I rode on by Register Rock Park because I feel like I don’t have time to stop. Maybe its just me, but it feels like a race to get done each day. I’m a bit disappointed because one reason I am doing this ride is because I want to see the country.

At the second rest stop, we were told the road had deteriorated from last year and there would be gravel somewhere along Sundance Rd. So when we (I was with a group at this point) saw a gravel road at the Sundance Road sign, three of us took it. It led us to RR tracks so we had to backtrack, sigh.

Later, when we hit the real sections of gravel, it was yet another challenge. Not only heavy gravel but also washboard. It was hard to find a good line and there were several gravel sections – yikes! I think back to the day Gale and I ended up on gravel roads for miles…unintentionally, of course. I think that experience helped me get through today.

As the ride neared the end, I was with Roel. So glad he was willing to wait for me and help me get in.

The motel tonight is a maze. To get from the lobby to my room on the second floor, I have to go up stairs to the first floor then down some stairs around a corner and then up another set of stairs. Confusing but I’ve got it down now.



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