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Pocatello to Idaho Falls

Started the day by retracing some of yesterday’s route. As I looked back, I had to stop to take this photo. A beautiful setting for the city of Pocatello.

As usual, I started early with the slower riders which worked out well since I could stop and take some photos. However, today I was ready when the faster riders came by and I  jumped on a wheel. It was the group that included Bev and Greg which was the group I wanted. We all rode together to the first rest stop. As they were getting ready to leave, Bev asked if I’d like to continue with them. Yes!  So, I stayed with them for the rest of the day. I couldn’t believe how quickly we got through 67 miles!

Today’s cycling group

here are some of my early morning photos.

Potato field outside Pocatello
A different type of thistle

As we got into Idaho Falls, I dropped back and took photos of the falls. They aren’t very high but they are wide and come out at various points. The city has built a wonderful walkway/bike path along both sides of the river and falls. I do enjoy the power of water.

One section of the falls
There is much more…need to come see it yourself!

Tomorrow we ride into Wyoming. It’ll be a long day in the saddle with 90 miles and lots of climbing.



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