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Made It To Casper

One would think internet service would be better in a big town like Casper but not at this motel.

I don’t usually notice this kind of stuff but when we pulled in yesterday after cycling 120 miles, I overhead one of the riders ask about laundry soap. The staff just said “we’re out.” They didn’t offer any other options. Later, I was at the front desk and heard one receptionist, while looking at the phone, say to her coworker, “they hung up on me! Poor internet is just the way it is around here.” Then several coffee drinkers mentioned the motel only supplies decaf coffee in the rooms and when they asked about it, they were told that’s all that is available. If they want regular, they can come to the lobby or breakfast room.  Not the best customer service, I’d say.

Too busy/tired last night to post about the day so here goes.

Started the day thinking I’m finally getting it together. My bike odometer was set at zero, my Ride with GPS program was turned on and the route sheet was clipped on the bike. It was 7:15 so I was thinking I was getting a good start time for the day. First instruction, turn left out of motel onto US-26. Did that but the GPS program kept beeping at me which means I’m off course. Stopped to see why. Thought I figured it out and started again, still beeping. Stopped again. Had to figure out how to get the program to stop so I could restart it. It all worked but by then I might as well have left the motel at 7:45 – aarrgh.

Anyway, with 120 miles to go, I decided no stopping for photos today. It was a pretty morning but I’ll just have to pull up memories instead of photos. I had pulled over (can’t remember why now…that was yesterday after all) and was just getting ready to start again when Bev and entourage rode by. Fortunately for me, they were coming up a little climb and so had slight separation between riders. I was able to get on my bike and join the group.  Being with them made a huge difference in how the rest of the ride went for me.  I arrived in Casper and felt good, tired but good! First time I’ve ridden a double metric century.

We were almost to the end of the ride and I was getting tired. I’d just been telling myself I can do this…just hang on when Bev dropped back and said, “Come on Nikki. You can do this. We’re almost there.” Having her do this was great encouragement at just the right time. Thank you Bev!

Our group did stop occasionally for a butt break which was a Very Good Thing. We also stopped at Hell’s Half Acre where I did take pics. This is a wondrous place, well worth the stop. Can’t download pics here. Check Facebook.

Casper is one of the stop/start places along the route. About five riders will be going home and two riders are joining us. Its sad to lose people when bonding has just begun.

Today is a day off the bike and I have a cousin who lives here. He’ll be coming by soon to pick me up for a fun filled day.



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