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The Corn Palace

As we rode from Chamberlain to Mitchell today, we faced more wind…more of a quartering headwind. I started out a bit grumpy because everything that came in contact with the bike hurt, my feet and my tender spots.

Mike M. came by and tried to get me out of my funk but moved on rather quickly. Then I latched on to the tandem as they came by. That was my saviour for the day. At first all was silence except for the shifting of gears and rolling of wheels. Slowly conversation began and then it took off. I had a lovely ride getting to know Chris and Alastair better. 

As we arrived in Mitchell, I peeled off to go see The Corn Palace while the tandem riders went on to the motel.

The Corn Palace was amazing. Just using ears of corn and other vegetation, they create some amazing murals. There were photos from the past on the walls too. This thing has been going on for over 100 years.

Entrance to The Corn Palace
One of the murals
Corn cobs hold up the building
Gotta get a pic of me and the corn

With the side trip to The Corn Palace, my mileage today was 74. Tomorrow’s mileage is supposed to be 71. Made a lot of us happy as we thought it was going to be 91. Still supposed to be hot so hoping to have a day like today where we get in early before the heat reaches its zenith.



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