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Sioux Falls, Here I Come

Made it into Sioux Falls this afternoon. Wind was not a factor and the route was pretty flat. So, I had no one to draft since all the fast riders were even faster today.

Made for a lonely day on the road but also allowed me to stop for photos and food as needed/desired.

How the road looked most of the day
Thought I saw mountains in the distance but it was an illusion

When I reached Montrose, I saw a post office! Across the street was a grocery store. Perfect. Take a photo and get a sandwich. Turns out the store is going out of business because most of the locals go into Sioux Falls to do their shopping. Sad to see this happen. The locals are going to suffer when they need a cup of sugar and find they can’t run down the street to get it anymore.

Montrose post office

Passed through more farm lands today. Several sections had been left “natural” so I heard and saw different birds in those areas. Many of the sections were swampy so saw some cattails too.

When I got into Sioux Falls, I actually found the bike trail and did not get lost. Then I was able to find the motel but not without some consternation. I thought I had passed it, was just about to turn around and there it was, whew!

The staff told us tonight, we’ve ridden more than 1,940 miles and climbed over 68,000 feet.

Tomorrow is a rest day and I need it.



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