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Rest Day #3

Routine is important. Because I was off routine this morning, I missed my morning meds. Must NOT miss them this evening but they must be taken later than normal because I am off my normal evening routine. I didn’t take the fiber until later which means I can’t take the prescription drugs until later.  Its a giant snowball!! I’m sure tomorrow will be better.

Having nothing specific in mind for the day, I still managed to get a few things done in between doing nothing. The best result after waiting one and a half hours was a full body massage. I asked the man if I could take him with me but he just laughed. He is the only one who has really massaged my legs no matter how many times I asked previous masseurs to do it. 

After doing more nothing in the lobby, I ended up going to dinner with Dave, Marty and Alan. It has been determined I will ride with Marty and Deb tomorrow. So looking forward to it. Hope I can keep up.



female, married, in love, beautiful grown daughters, great and large extended family spread all over the US, enjoying my life, my favorite place to be is outside (unless its cold and wet).

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