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Into Wisconsin

The group waited for me at the start. They stopped for me when my alarm went off to take my meds. Then I deserted them as my legs were just too tired from the previous days.

It turned out to be a good day for going it alone. No headwind and rollers I could deal with. 

Since I was alone, I stopped for pictures today. Some are just reminders of the terrain and farmland.

Trying to get some of the wildflowers

The first rest stop was at Bucksnort Park in Fillmore County, Minnesota. Don’t know where the name came from but it was a pretty spot in spite of its name. The only negative to this spot is it was at the bottom of a great downhill run. I asked if they’d take me back to the top so I could do it again but not stop for food and water this time. No.

Creek running behind rest stop

Arrived in town of Rushford and noticed a sign at the bank advertising the Root River Bike Path. I thought its too bad we didn’t have time to check it out. Well, it turns out that is exactly the path we went on. It was nice and would’ve been nicer if there hadn’t been that storm last night which knocked down leaves, limbs and branches. It also left muddy spots and puddles. Had to wash the bike again tonight and will probably have to do it again tomorrow as rain is predicted.

Peeking through the trees at the Root River
Debris in the river
Along the Root River trail

Just after leaving Houston (Minnesota), we had our major climb of the day. One mile, 10% grade. Name of hill is Happel Hill. Saw a cemetery at the top of the hill with a prominent gravestone showing Happel.

Eventually made it to the Welcome to Wisconsin sign. Soon after that, crossed the Big Muddy aka Missippi River. 

Nikki makes it to Wisconsin!
Caught a tugboat moving a barge on right of picture

I felt great after today’s ride. This was a Very Good Day!

Misc photos:

Cows cooling down in the creek – smart cows!
One of the many cemeteries we passed today


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