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Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail or Not

We were supposed to ride the Elroy-Sparta bike trail today but just as we arrived at the trailhead, it started raining. Since the trail is decomposed granite, we were rerouted to a nearby highway. The trail would have taken us through tunnels avoiding some of the hills. The highway had the hills. I really noticed a difference in how I could deal with the climbing today since I was easy on myself yesterday. Note to self: don’t beat yourself up every day…only every two days or so.

Also, because of the recent storms, we had to take detours today to avoid areas with flood damage. We were warned to take cover if the lightening was affecting us. Fortunately, that was not a problem although we did hear two BIG claps of thunder.

Arriving at the motel in Mauston, we were soaked. First things first, I rinsed the bike and cleaned the chain. I’ve never been so good to any of my bikes before.

We had to wait for a train early in the ride
We got directions from this gent.
Ben Bikin’ in Sparta, Wisconsin

Here’s a link to more info about Ben. 

The Elroy-Sparta trail was the first Rails to Trails conversion of an old railroad track to a cycling path back in the 1960s.

Not quite sure how we did 79 miles in the rain as quickly as we did but we got in early enough that I had a lot of empty time between a hot shower and dinner. My riding partners rider were Deb A., Alan T. and Marty S. Except for the special “rooster tail” showers along the way, we did well together. Actually, the “rooster tail” showers kind of became fun once I got used to the feeling of them and just figured it would all come out in the wash.

During all this, I still got a couple post office pics. Alan’s been keeping an eye out for post offices for me too.

Wilton, Wisconsin
Elroy, Wisconsin. Our second rest stop was just down the street.

Tomorrow is a high mileage day, 95, if we can follow the directions without having any detours. My right knee is hurting this evening so I’m icing it. Between that and saddle issues, I hope I make it all the way by bike.



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