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Tough Night

Made a mistake last night, used A&D ointment on my sore spots. I was miserable all night feeling more pain than usual plus my lower back was hurting… It was not a good night.  When my alarm went off this morning, I turned it off and didn’t get up. Well, I did get up eventually but I sure didn’t jump out of bed.  I could get away with this ’cause everything started later this morning. (Thank goodness)

I started riding with Marty S., Alan and Deb. It became clear to me very quickly that I couldn’t stay with them and keep my sanity. If I had tried, the pain would’ve sent me over the edge. As soon as I slowed down, it didn’t hurt nearly as much.  Not sure how that works but …

I was able to jump on with some other groups for a time but let them go as soon as the pain came back.

Our rest stop today was at the farmhouse belonging to Sandra. She and her husband befriended America by Bicycle staff several years back. They have opened their home to ABB each year since then. Her husband has passed away but she, although living in assisted living, insisted on opening up the premises to us and on being there. So we got to meet her and thank her for her generosity.

Because there were times I was on my own, I stopped for some photos. I learned this blue flower is chickory. Someone mentioned this is the plant they used to make “coffee” during the civil war.

Chickory plant
Chickory, Queen Anne’s Lace, Clover

I ended up riding with Roel and, by default, Dirk. We stopped about 25 miles from the end of the ride for lunch in Brant. When we walked inside, it was filled with bikers! We knew them all.

The Brant Bar-burgers made with Nixon meat. No, it wasn’t ‘crook’ed.

I am amazed at how quickly the miles go by these days. Before this ride, a 74 mile day following a 112 mile day would have taken forever to complete. Total time today, including the lunch stop, was five and a half hours…well above my usual 10mph estimate for a daily ride.

This purple wildflower is new to me. Don’t know what it is.
Crop duster at work
Corn fields and wind turbines abound


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