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Same complaint as many, if not all, of the riders…the roads in this state are in a horrible state of disrepair. Today was the first day my hands felt almost numb from the thrashing my body has taken over the past three days. Good thing my bike has an FM headset that helps soften the ride or I’d really be in trouble.

Another same complaint is the food we have to choose from most mornings. Occasionally we get to eat in a regular restaurant and order a meal but most mornings our choice is the “continental breakfast” provided by motels. Sugar, carbs, fat, more sugar, processed food, sugar and, if you’re lucky, a piece of fruit.

However, today’s ride was good in many ways. In the town of Millington, they have a fun water tower. Then in Brown City they have a nice memorial for the firefighters who gave their lives helping others during the 9/11 disaster. We were able to peek at Lake Huron as we rode by. When I got into Port Huron, I took the detour and went to see the bridge we’ll be crossing tomorrow to get into Canada. I also spent some time learning a bit about some of the history of the area.

no phone calls or text messages until I’m back in the U.S.

Millington water tower
Memorial for the fire fighters that died because of the 9/11 attack
Another part of the memorial
Blue Water Bridge spans St. Clair river from USA to Canada
Thomas Edison moved to Port Huron at age seven. By 12, he was an entrepreneur.
A lightship instead of a lighthouse.
The lightship Huron – now a museum
Info on construction of the bridge


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