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Back In the USA

Most of today was in Canada but we ended by crossing into New York at Niagara Falls.

My start to the day was more of a stop. As I was ready to roll, I realized I had a flat! Since I was still in the motel parking lot, I called on the staff to help me change the flat. Rob jumped right in and took over. He also did some adjusting to my rear brake. By the time all this was done, the only other rider in sight was Deanna, designated sweep for the day. She waited until I was ready and we started out together.

The weather was wonderful, the roads were good, we rode along at a good clip but still never caught up with anyone until we were almost to the end of the ride. I truly enjoyed riding with Deanna.

Great Blue Heron
Playground at West Lincoln where we had our rest stop. Swings!
Had to cross this drawbridge.

As Deanna and I got into the city of Niagara, Ontario, Canada, we saw Dirk and Roel. So the four of us worked together to get through town stopping along the way for lunch. When we finally got to the Rainbow Bridge, we had to get in line with all the cars to make our way up to the customs agent. When we got to the front of the line, the agent called us all up together. He wanted to know if we were the last of the group. We said we thought so but couldn’t be sure. He gave us our passports, after we took off helmets and sunglasses, and sent us on our way. I didn’t have to answer any questions at all!
Tomorrow is our final rest day but the celebration began this evening. At our evening discussion/review, aka RAP, we had the sad news that five riders are ending their journey with us now. Even though one cannot become close with every other rider, there is still a closeness that is created when you ride with the same people day after day. I will miss these five.

Each RAP a plastic duck has been passed from one rider to the next. Tonight I was the recipient of the duck. So, true to me, I sang a portion of “Let Me Entertain You” from the musical Gypsy to the duck as it will be my responsibility to take care of the duck for the next two days before I hand him off.

We were each given a gift card to T.G.I.Fridays for dinner tonight. A group of us sat outside and enjoyed a live band that was playing. Dirk and I got up and danced “swing” to several of the songs. Well, Dirk danced and I bounced around trying to stay with him. I had a great time. I’m afraid some of the other diners may have been concerned that I’d end up in their laps but I did manage not to do that.

Had fun dancing to the music.

It was still early so a few of us walked into the Niagara park area and oohed and aahed at the water and falls. Looking forward to tomorrow when I can go back to see and do more.

Niagara sunset


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2 thoughts on “Back In the USA

    1. Thanks Barb. This has been a great trip. I’m seeing things I
      never have before. It’ll be fun to come back to them with Dan next time (via car or motorcycle).

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