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Second Day in Canada

The roads today were better than they have been. The condition of the road really does make a difference in the condition of my body at the end of the day. It also makes it easier to deal with headwinds.

Since it was a “short” ride today (estimated at 69.4 miles), I did not try to ride with a pace line but took my time and ended up most of the day with Roel and, when he showed up, Dirk. I need to explain Dirk. He is an amazingly strong rider. He can shoot ahead, stop to talk to folks along the way (and record it on his GoPro), let us ride on by and then catch up with us as if he’d been there all along. He does this a lot, every day.

First little store where we bought snacks for the road.

As we went through Otterville, I stopped because of the waterfall. As I did a u-turn, I saw a sign for an historical marker. Glad I went back…

Here’s why I turned around.

Beautiful park and waterfall in Otterville.

If you need a two person buggy, I know of one for sale.

Rubber wheels, not wood. Just need one horse.

Just beyond the buggy was this marker for Harold Adams Innis marking his birthplace and providing information on his contributions to the world.

The group had been told about a store/restaurant in Mount Pleasant that had good meals and treats. So, that became our lunch destination. I had a most delicious, light, fluffy spinach/mushroom quiche. I’ve never had a quiche with a philodough pastry crust. It was good!

Entering into Brantford, we were on a bike path which was delightful until it ended. Fortunately for Roel and I, Dirk had his GPS and he found a much nicer route through town than what we started on. Initially we were on roads that were under construction, roads with crazy fast traffic, roads where the drivers just wanted to get going, roads where traffic backed up because of two lanes cut down to one…just a mess!

View from the bike path bridge…much nicer than the roads!

When we re-enter the US tomorrow, we will need to know things like when did you enter Canada? Where did you enter Canada? I had to make notes as things have become a blur and I might not have been able to answer those questions.



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